Power your everyday appliances at home and off-grid with sustainable solar energy.



The sunlight contains many tiny bits of energy called photons. Some of these photons hit solar modules, which consist of many connected solar cells.


By hitting the top layer of a solar cell, photons can cause electrons to flow through the bottom layer. This movement generates direct current (DC) electricity, which will be turned into AC electricity by the inverters.


Built-in batteries in power station store the converted solar power for future use.

  • Renewable

    Designed to collect and convert sunlight into storable electricity in batteries, FOSSiBOT solar panel provides a budget-saving solution to utilize sustainable energy while reducing carbon footprints on our planet

  • Easy-to-use & Portable

    FOSSiBOT solar panel is easy to set up. Simply unfold the solar panel, snap the kickstand, and adjust the angle, then it's ready to work. Plus, the folding design makes it ultra-compact and space-saving for transportation and storage.

  • Durable

    Made of advanced laminated technology and long-lasting ETFE material, FOSSiBOT solar panel features better light transmittance and durability.

  • Monocrystalline Silicon

    monocrystalline silicon cells guarantee a high conversion efficiency of up to 23.4%.

  • Shading Performance

    When the panel is partially shaded, the power you lose would be the area with shadows rather than the whole system.

Discover Our Solar Panels


200W solar power
Folded size: 23.62 inch x 23.35 inch (60 x 59.3cm)
Unfolded size: 23.62 x 87.5 (60 x 221.5cm)
Weight: 21.61lbs (9.2kg)


420W solar power
Folded size: 87.83 x 40.79 (223.1 x 103.6cm)
Unfolded size: 21.65 x 40.79 (50 x 10.36cm)
Weight: 30.64lbs (13.9kg)

Help Me Choose

    • 1 Piece



      18V | MC4

    • 2 Piece



      18V | MC4

    • 3 Piece



      18V | MC4

    • 4 Piece



      18V | MC4


Q: Is it water proof?

Yes. It's IP67 splash-resistant. But do NOT expose the solar panel to rain or snow.

Q: Can I use FOSSiBOT Portable Solar Panel to charge the third-party power station?

Yes, as long as they
(1) have Anderson to MC4 port on machine;
(2) support the output specifications of FOSSiBOT solar panels.

Q: Can I use different kinds of solar panels?

No. Multiple solar panels involved in a power system should be totally the same. For example, charging FOSSiBOT F2400 with 2*SP200 is acceptable, while with 1*SP200 + 1*SP400 is unacceptable.

Q: Does the panel have any USB ports you can directly plug into?

No. FOSSiBOT Solar Panel has MC4 connectors ONLY. But FOSSiBOT SP200 comes with an extra 3-in-1 solar charge cable in standard package, with the cable, you can use SP200 to charge for machines that have Anderson/XT60/DC5521 charge port.

Q: How to maximize the efficiency of solar panel?

1.Set up correctly: Adjust the angle to ensure it directly faces the sun.
2.Avoid shadow: Any amount of shadow will affect solar panel productivity.
3.Keep clean: Dirt or debris may reduce the panel's efficiency.
4.Keep cool: Place in somewhere with good air circulation.