FOSSiBOT F3600 Portable Power Station | 3,600W 3,840Wh

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  • Unprecedented 3,840Wh Huge Capacity: With a 3840Wh ultra-powerful capacity, the F3600 is an ideal companion for outdoor camping, road-trip, RV, and home backup. It is ready to power 99% of indoor and outdoor appliances- electric vehicles, TV, refrigerator, coffee maker, air conditioner, Toaster, microwave oven, CPAP, drill, blender, Juicer, hair dryer for long time.
  • Super Fast Recharge: With our industry-leading bidirectional Inverter technology, F3600's 3840Wh can be fully recharged in 3 hours by 1500W AC recharge, and only in 2.5 hours by 2000W solar charge. By AC+ solar panels together, it only takes 1.8 hours. This fantastic charging experience allows you to charge away in no time while off the grid.
  • More Than 10-Year Power Supply:F3600 is powered by LiFePO4 battery which gains 3500+ cycles, together with shock-resistant structural design, ultra-durable electronic components and housing materials, F3600 Power Station is built to last over 10 years even with one cycle per day.
  • UPS Battery Backup with 9 Protection:With a UPS function, when meeting power outage, the power supply is automatically switched from wall outlet to F3600 to guarantee constant power for your devices. Protect your important data on PCs, hard drives and servers. 9 Protection mode allows you rest assured to use the solar generator.
  • 3600W to Power 13 Devices:3*220V/30A,3* USB-C PD20W, 1* USB-C PD100W, 2* USB-A ports, 1*12V/25A (RV Outlet), 1 * 12V/10A (Cigarette lighter) and 2*12V/3A DC5521 (5.5mm Outlet), power almost all your devices at once.
  • 2 Years Long Warranty: Instead of the average 2 years, FOSSiBOT F3600 Portable Power Station is designed to reliably power your appliances every day for10 years. Additionally, FOSSiBOT offers a 2-year warranty extension for purchases on official website.
  • What You Get: FOSSiBOT F3600 Portable Power Station (3840Wh), Removable flash light torch, 3 types of charging cable (AC charging cable, car charging cable, solar charging cable), user manual, our worry-free 2 year warranty, and life-time friendly customer service.
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Product Model: F3600


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3,840Wh (48V,80Ah)
LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
6500+ Cycles to 80% Original Capacity
Recharge to above 50% Every 3 Months
Management System:
MPPT Charge Controller, BMS, etc.


Total Output Power:
Inverter Type:
Pure Sine Wave
Surge Power:
AC Outlets:
3 x AC Rated Power 3,600W
USB-C Ports:
3 x PD20W, 1 x PD100W
USB-A Ports:
2 x QC3.0 18W
Cigarette Lighter:
1 x 12V/10A
XT-60 (RV Outlet):
1 x 12V/25A
DC 5521 (5.5mm Outlet):
2 x 12V/3A
LED light:
1 x 3W LED light, 3 modes


AC Input:
2200W Max.
5 Gears of Input Power Adjustment:
Solar Input (XT90 to MC4):
2000W Max. (12-160V)
AC + Solar Input:
4200 Max.
Generator Input:
1100 Max.
Car Charger Input:
120 Max. (12/24V)


AC (2200W):
≈2 Hours
Solar (2000W):
≈2.5 Hours (With prime sunshine, ideal orientation )
AC +Solar (4200W):
≈1.5 Hours (With prime sunshine, ideal orientation)
12V/24V Car Outlet (100W/200W):
≈32 Hours@12V /16 Hours @24V


Removable Flashlight Torch:
Removable & rechargable Flashlight Torch, SOS light, Type-C charge port
Screen Size:
4.7 inch
UPS (Simultaneous Recharge & Discharge):
92.59 lbs(42KG)
Dimensions (LxWxD):
60.90 x 32.10 x 47.55 cm
Operating Temperature:
0-40℃ (32-104℉)
Discharging Temperature:
-15-40℃ (-4-104℉)
Storage Temperature:
-15-40℃ (-4-104℉)
UL Standard,CA Prop 65,FCC,CE,ROHS,UN38.3,MSDS,PSE
24 Months

In The Box


FOSSIBOT F3600 Portable Power Station User Manual

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  • A: It depends on the total voltage and watts of solar panels you choose. F3600 supports solar panels with maximum of 2000W, 12-1600V in voltage. By 2000W max solar panels, fully charged within 2 hours. But please pay attention that the voltage do not exceed 160V. By 4 pcs of SP420 solar panels, the voltage is within the range, but by 5 pcs, the voltage exceeds the voltage. So with SP420, 4 pcs connected in series is recommended. By 4*SP420, it can be fully recharged by 2.5 hours with prime sunshine.

  • A:
    1. It cannot. Please use the same parameters of solar panels to charge the power station. It must be same wattage and same voltage.
    2. Mixing two different voltage solar panels would cause the high voltage to flow back to the low voltage, which will damage the circuit and cause damage to the solar panels and power station.

  • A: It depends on the combined voltage and current of the solar panels you choose. It's fine as long as the solar panels use MC4 connectors and their combined voltage and current are within 12-160 volts and under 20 amps.
    PV input requirements for F3600:
    Work Voltage: 12-160V
    Current: under 20A
    Include MC4 connectors.
    Input Power: 2000W Max.

  • A:
    By 2200W AC charge: 2H By 1600W AC charge: 2H 45mins
    By 1200W AC charge: 3H 50mins
    By 800W AC charge: 5H 32mins
    By 400W AC charge: 11H 3mins

  • A: FOSSiBOT F3600 Portable Power Station enables fast charging. By AC+ solar panel charge, it can be recharged to 80% in 50 minutes and 100% in 1.5 hours for EU version.

  • A: 32 hours @12V, 16 hours @24V.

  • A: Yes, F3600 supports UPS. When your portable power station is plugged into the wall, any electronics plugged into the machine are powered from the grid and not from F3600 battery. When power from the grid stops, as in a blackout, the power station immediately switches to battery automatically to offer power supply to your electronics within 10ms.
    In UPS mode, the maximum load in the AC output is 2500W for US and Japan version. When the load exceeds 2500W, the AC output is shut down.

  • A: With EV-grade LiFePO4 batteries inside, F3600 has more than 6500 cycles. This makes it the most durable portable power station on the market. If you charge one cycle a day, the batteries will last more than a decade.

  • A: Not, F3600 is a single unit.

  • A: Use & Charge: 0-40℃ (32-104℉);
    Discharge: -15-40℃ (-4-104℉);
    Storage: -15-40℃ (-4-104℉).
    It performs best if you can keep it between 68°F to 86°F (20°C to 30°C).
    Technically, it can power electrical devices under 0℃, but please avoid charging it.

  • A: F3600 supports 3600W high power, it can power for 99% of your household appliances. If you want to know how many appliances you can use at one time, calculate the total wattage of your devices. F3600 should work if the load doesn't exceed its rated 3,600W. When the load power exceeds 3,600W, the machine will reduce the voltage to make the load work stably. When the voltage is lower than 177V or loads reaches 5900W, the machine activates overload protection and stops working.

  • A: Working time = F3600's Watt-Hours * 0.85 / operating power of your device.
    Example: Let's assume your device's power consumption is 700W (might be a microwave), and you want to use the F3600 to run your device.
    3840Wh*0.85/700w = Roughly 4.66 hours, the screen will show 5 hours. The screen shows actual minute when it is below 100minutes. Above 100mins below 2.5 hours will show 2 hours. Above 2.5 Hours will show 3 hours.
    The data is theretical lab data. Please note the actual power consumption varies based on many factors.

  • A: No. If the battery pack is faulty or even dead, please contact Fossibot Customer Service.

  • A: When you received the machine, please recharge it to 100% battery. Then each time you use the machine, long press the main power button on top right for 3 seconds to turn on the F3600. When you connect your appliances or devices to the machine, press the related on/off button. If you don't use it, press the on/off button to turn off the AC/DC/USB power, otherwise it will consume the battery.

  • A:
    1) Press and hold the AC button for 2 seconds to enter the frequency switching mode, the 50Hz or 60Hz icon will flash on the display, short press the AC button again to select 50Hz or 60Hz; when the icon stops flashing and displays 50Hz or 60Hz, it indicates the switch is successful.
    2) Quickly press the AC button for 10 times to switch voltage between 220V and 230V.

  • A: Yes it utilizes MPPT which stays around 98% efficiency. For those who aren't familiar with MPPT, it makes adjustments according to the fluctuating voltage of your solar panels. This results in more solar power going into your battery, even in suboptimal conditions.

  • A: F3600 will auto-adjust for both 50Hz and 60Hz. You can also manually switch the output frequency on the device.

  • A: FOSSiBOT F3600 has 2 versions in 2 voltage ranges:
    100-120V: US/Japan
    220-240V: EU

  • A: Our Power Station supports various devices with different voltages and power and can complete the switch within 10ms. Different from traditional UPS, FOSSiBOT F3600 also supports DC & AC charging.

  • A: Yes, the FOSSiBOT F3600 can be recharged while in use. With 10ms UPS, F3600 would be perfect for emergency power backup for a home office or home medical device.

  • A: Yes, F3600 has a 10-ms switch over time. So as long as the medical devices above do not require 0 ms standby time, you can power the devices with F3600 while AC power is connected to keep the devices running in case of power outages. Just make sure all the devices do not exceed 3600W in total to keep F3600 in the best working condition.

  • A: F3600 has fans to keep its batteries cool, which run at a volume of 45~65dB at 1 meter (between a normal conversation and office environment) depending on how many watts are going in or out of the battery as well as the temperature.