Is It Necessary to Take Large Capacity Portable Power Station When Camping?

Is It Necessary to Take Large Capacity Portable Power Station When Camping?

How to satisfy the electricity use for outdoor camping? Is it necessary to bring large capacity solar generators? Many campers rarely consider the use of of outdoor electricity, mostly they feel that equipment is the most important. In fact, There are several situations about electricity use for outdoor camping.

The first kind is not require much electricity.  Main camping purpose is picnic, play, then back home. Schedule is: start at noon > > set up the tent after arriving >> prepare the food material >> light the stove for barbecue >have a meal, then take a nap>>start to pack up the tent>>go home. In this situation, you don’t need much electricity, your own mobile phone battery is enough.

Second situation is camping with several friends for a whole day. When arrived, some started to preparing food material, others have nothing to do except playing mobile or laptop. In this situation, you need more electricity. There are two solution. One is taken several large capacity power banks, each person brings one, enough for your mobile or short time laptop using. Second solution is take a solar power bank, as long as there is sunlight, you can charge your mobile phone. But recharge the power bank by sunlight is too slow, that may affect your using experience.

Third situation is many friends to camp more than one day. In this situation, you need power station: power bank or large capacity portable power station. You know power banks, mainly for charging smartphones, USB fans etc., cannot charge for other electronic devices.

If you are planning a luxury camping, you need a large capacity portable power station. The larger capacity, the longer you can use. With this portable power station, you can largely enjoy your camping life. Singing, watching movies, cooking, etc, it was great. In addition, you can play with your mobile phone without worrying about running out of power, play with your computer, hang up as many camping lights as you want, and use speakers.

How to choose a portable power station? First, check the capacity, there are different capacity power stations in the market. If you want quite enough power, check the Fossibot F2400. This power station is quite powerful, no matter for many friends use or camping out for several days, the power is enough. It offers car outlet and 12V/25A output port for RV, 2 12V/3A ports, USB-A ports, USB-C ports and 6 AC output ports. You can charge for almost all your devices, including mini refrigerator, projector, drone, rice cooker, induction cooker, computer, etc. As long as you need, F2400 is ready to power your device.


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