What is Portable Power Station and What are the advantages of portable generators?

What is Portable Power Station and What are the advantages of portable generators?

What is a portable power station? Portable power station is designed for users who want backup power when meeting sudden power failure or emergency power for activities in the outdoors. 

The portable power station can convert the AC power from your home power supply to DC power to store it in the LiFePo4 battery. When your home power supply suddenly goes off or in the outdoors, the power station can convert the DC power in the battery to AC power through its built-in inverter to supply AC power to the appliances continuously, allowing the appliances to maintain normal operation.

Convert AC to DC to store, then convert DC to AC to power your appliance, that is bidirectional inverter technology. Currently only a few brands gained mature bidirectional inverter technology and reaches the state of mass production.

What are the features of the portable power station design?

First, appearance design. The overall appearance of portable power station is designed to make it adaptable in the harsh and changeable outdoor environment. Some portable power station look like a small backpack, while others are designed to look like a suitcase or designed a portable pull rod. The design of these appearance offers more convenience for users to carry and transport. 

Second, the shell material. The external material of power station adopts high-strength engineering plastics, and then process it into the shape of the designed. During the processing process, it needs to be strengthened to gain a stronger anti-fall, anti-knock, fire-resistance and rain-resistance function.

Third, built-in battery energy. Currently, there are two common used battery for power station, lithium iron battery and lithium iron phosphate battery. Batteries from different manufacturers are different. Normally lithium ion battery are characterized by high energy density, long cycle life and high rate discharge. While lithium iron phosphate battery are characterized by super long life span, high safety, environmental-protection, fast recharging, high temperature resistance and large capacity.

Forth, internal system. Because the power station is usually used in outdoors, the internal system design of portable power station is also very important in addition to the design of the external. Especially for the protections design, such as over voltage, overload, short circuit and protective wall design. It's also important for the internal components to gain stability, the line materials to gain anti-fall, anti-knock function, etc.

Fifth, application range. Portable power station is widely used in a variety of fields, especially for mobile working, communications, emergency equipment power supply and charging. For example: outdoor camping, outdoor aerial photography, scientific research and search and rescue activities, outdoor office working, field photography, outdoor construction, backup power supply, emergency power supply fire rescue, disaster relief, car starting, digital charging and mobile power, flood control and rescue command, power repair, emergency command vehicle and other scenarios.


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