What Do I Do for Preparing for Sudden Power Blackouts?

What Do I Do for Preparing for Sudden Power Blackouts?

With our living standards getting better and better, large areas of urban power outage is unusual now, but we have to admit that sudden blackouts may happen in an unexpected way which may ruin the data that you are working on, stopping the dinner you are preparing, or stop the game contest you are engaging.

Two days ago, when I just turned around to get myself a cup of coffee, then the computer suddenly black out. I lost the data that didn’t saved! That’s really really annoying! So, what would you do if you had a home power outage?

If you come across a sudden power failure, first of all, keep calm, do not panic, call the electric power department to understand the situation. Ask the reason, range and blackout during. Of course, I hope your mobile phone still have power to make the call.

Second, if it is not planned power outage, it is only power outage of the community or building, check the staircase lights, public electricity such as: street lights, etc. See if they work normal r not; If it comes out to be a power failure in one household, it may be caused by the circuit fault or switch tripping. In this case, it is recommended to try to reset the indoor switch under the condition of ensuring your own safety. If you can't operate it, you can entrust a qualified construction unit to handle it.

Third, prepare an emergency power supply which supports UPS(uninterruptible Power Supply) which can timely stop personal losses caused by sudden power failure. Fossibot is a perfect choice due to its large capacity power, super fast charging technology, UPS support and water-resistance design.

With 2048Wh large capacity, 2400W AC output, 16 output ports, the Fossibot F2400 supports 99% of your home appliance and outdoor camping needs such as Projector, Car mini fridge, Blender, Electric drill, Coffee maker, Electric grill, Drone, Rice cooker, Induction cooktop, Air conditioner, Electric kettle, Laptop, Cell phone, Desk lamp, CPAP, Tablet, Gopro, Speaker, TV screen, camera, etc.

It comes with industry advanced dual inverter technology which enables super fast charging within 2 hours with AC charge and 2400W AC output with 4600W surge power. Also it can be used as a UPS to support charging and discharging at the same time. Connect your device to the AC/DC output ports of F2400 power station, and connect F2400 AC charge port with wall charger, when your household power encounters a blackout, F2400 immediately switches to continue power supplying in 8ms. No worry of data loosing or game stopping any more.

Besides the large capacity, F2400 also designed rubber plugs for the DC and USB ports, perfect for outdoor dust-proof and daily life water-resistance. For prolong the battery life, F2400 owns 4 protections: high temperature protection, overload protection, over current protection, and circuit protection, ensuring carefree normal use of power for your family and camping out activity.

Are you interested in Fossibot F2400? Check more details here: https://www.fossibot.com/products/fossibot-f2400-portable-power-station-2400w-2048wh


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